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Welcome to ‘Church for a New Generation’. Oasis Church is a non-denominational, Spirit filled church offering the unchanging love and truths of God in a 21st-century package. At The Oasis, you will find a safe place to investigate the Christian life, a solid place to learn God's principles, and a secure place to grow as a Christian. We present Christ in a relevant cultural context and offer an exciting place where people are empowered to grow at their own spiritual pace, being built up not beaten down.

While our approach to ministry is modern, all that we do is God-honoring, Christ-centered, and Spirit-driven. We are people from all backgrounds, all walks of life, and all stages in our spiritual journey with Christ who have come together to form a new type of church for this generation and to live out our lives together with meaning and purpose. Oasis is a place where you can experience real life in all of its fullness, the way God meant for it to be. We are living life, giving life, and having fun.


Our purpose is to live and help others to live in a passionate, purposeful, authentic, and exciting relationship with God and one another. Our vision is to create a spiritually significant, culturally relevant atmosphere of worship, teaching, and relationships that empowers people to enjoy a successful Christian life and enrich the lives of others.

Our priorities are:

  • Life Changing Relationships

  • Life Empowering Messages

  • Life Inspiring Worship

  • Life Giving Outreach

Our beliefs are that we believe what the church has always believed!  As a part of that  belief, we have outlined a modern Tenet of Faith for our body.  In addition, we adhere to the  Apostle's Creed and Nicean Creed as adopted by the Early New Testament  Church. As a contemporary Christian Church we adhere to an evangelical,  spirit filled tenet of faith.


At The Oasis you will see people of all ages and cultures, with a majority being in their twenties and thirties. You can expect a faith, hope, and love-filled worship experience that builds a bridge between the life changing power of God and your everyday life. You will worship with very contemporary, upbeat music that will uplift you. You will hear and see Biblical principles and related life-changing truths presented in a way you can remember and in a language you can understand.

​You will find real people, getting real answers to real problems from a real God. You'll be touched, you'll experience God, you'll laugh, and you'll have fun.

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