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How do you get connected with our faith family, learn about serving and volunteering, or anything else? Take a look below for information, or simply visit our connection table in the foyer for more information and we will be glad to help!

Youth Club Meeting


Believers since the Book of Acts have gathered regularly to share meals together.  At Oasis, that tradition continues among believers.

  • The Lords Supper is celebrated each week at The Oasis.  The bread and cup are located at the back of the worship area and available to the congregation throughout the worship gathering each week to use as a personal act of worship and covenant connection with God.


  • Supper Clubs are part of the Life of The Oasis. Supper Clubs offer a time for people to share a meal together and get to know one another more.  You don't have to rush home, try to cook, then rush off to a mundane Bible Study. You can just get in comfortable clothes and get together with some friends for dinner and encouragement. We are restoring the table as the center of the community instead of the TV! So get in on the revolution by becoming part of one of the monthly Supper Club.


  • LifeTime is a potluck meal and fellowship time that we share together most months as a church family. Each month has a different theme (i.e. Mexican, BBQ, German, etc.) and provides us with an opportunity to get to know one another, have some laughs, and share life together. LifeTime is held most first Sundays after the worship gathering.


Volunteers are the heart of Oasis.  We depend upon a host of volunteers to serve the needs of our congregation and the community.

Right Hand of Fellowship and Covenant Members are encouraged to use their gifts in the body. To volunteer at the Oasis you will need to complete a survey and attend a volunteer training orientation.

Complete the Volunteer Survey to find out current opportunities, make your interest known, and be scheduled for the next Volunteer Orientation Class. For questions about volunteering, contact Autumn Jones or Teresa Popham.

Not sure where you may want to serve, take the Gifts Test and find out your gift strengths.

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